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a place for knowledge & growth


We passionately believe that the pursuit of knowledge & its application has the ability to transform

the people of a community. There must be educational initiatives that serve each demographic in order for positive

change & consistent, sustainable growth to be realised. 

`ilm - knowledge

The seeking of sacred knowledge has been made incumbent upon every believer. This is the first step that must be taken by any individual wishing to traverse to Allah ﷻ. We are committed to bettering our community by providing opportunities for the laity to study with scholars.  

sulūk - spiritual wayfaring

Knowledge is beneficial only after it has been acted upon. Once implemented, the wayfarer is to internalise all practices & perpetually work on establishing a relationship with Allah ﷻ. Our objective is to initiate various projects enabling spiritual development for the community.  

da‘wāh - calling

Every believer has a responsibility to invite others back to Allah ﷻ. Adopting prophetic characteristics is one of the most effective ways to call people to their Lord. We hope that Nūr Institute can be a means to calling to Allah ﷻ & the way of his Beloved Messenger ﷺ.

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"Anyone who travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah ﷻ will cause him to travel on a road to paradise,

the angels will lower down their wings for the contentment of the student & the inhabitants of the heavens

& the earth & the fish in the water will ask forgiveness for the scholar."

- Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


r Academy is a children's madrasah that strives to provide students with a wholesome experience of engaging

with the Islamic sciences. The Academy has a full curriculum in place & the subjects covered include Quran Recitation &  Memorisation, Islamic Law, Prophetic Biography & Islamic Creed. 

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